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During the planning of projects within the health sector, health problems must always be seen in the context of additional factors, having an impact on the health status of an individual or society.
Examples for correlating factors are:
Nutrition, education, water supply, level of sanitation and hygiene (personal or environmental).

An improved health status will ultimately increase the economic performance of an individual or society and therefore promotes long-term development and economic growth.

In the promotion of the health projects, an important element is health education and awareness raising for children in pre- or elementary schools. A basic understanding of sanitation, water, food, and the knowledge of simple methods in disease prevention need to be established at a very early age; resulting in an improved health status and positive consequences for personal growth and development. Furthermore, young people at the age of 15 need to be educated in the fields of reproductive health, family planning and HIV / AIDS.

The DCI sets the focus on quality, taking into account country-specific standards, and less on quantity like the size of the target group. To measure quality, appropriate quantitative and qualitative indicators will be assessed during the course of the project to monitor the level of achievements of the projects objectives and results. Furthermore, it is a fundamental tool for risk-management and to conduct necessary project modifications on time.


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